Celebrate Life With A Helicopter Tour Experience You Will Never Forget

Oprah Winfrey has said “The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.”

Celebrating yourself, your employees and those you love and care about, is important. Today’s celebrations in life will be tomorrow’s memories so it is important to pay attention to those special touches and details that capture the moment and stay with you long after the moment has passed.

A Helicopter Tour is a Birthday Experience One Never Forgets
People pay extra attention to certain “milestone” birthdays – 21, 30, 40, 50 and so on. But isn’t any birthday a milestone worth special attention? Instead of a cliché party for someone for someone who doesn’t want to be reminded that they are “Over the Hill,” take them “Up in the Air.” Show them an angle of Chicago they may have never seen before above, over and around Chicago on any one of Vertiport Chicago’s VIP Helicopter Tours.

Aim For Yes In The Air
You may recall a time when you could “simply” ask someone to homecoming or prom before it became not so simple at all. Getting up the courage to approach with a question of “Will You” was enough of a daunting task on its own. Fast forward from whenever that was to present day, and on top of that, becomes that added stressor of how you will ask – a promposal if you will. Everyone wants to know how he or she asked – looking for the wow factor as they search your social media feed for pictures!

Or more important and permanent is an actual engagement proposal. How do you ask someone to share the rest of their life with you while making that one moment last a lifetime? What is the story you want to share again and again? Imagine an exotic car, a decadent dinner, red carpet, champagne and down on one knee before boarding a luxury helicopter to set off over the city. Or a small party of friends waiting with cocktails to toast you as a couple as you land back against the city skyline, no longer just dating, but now engaged!

Celebrate Your Employees and Key Business Milestones With A Corporate Custom Tour Event
Vertiport Chicago’s Custom Tours are a perfect way for companies to reward their employees and celebrate key business milestones. Vertiport’s staff of professional customer service experts will work with you to create a one-of-a-kind corporate experience that’s sure to boost morale. Some of the amenities available through Vertiport’s state-of-the art facility include: VIP lounge for small private parties with catering options available; champagne toast before, after or during your flight; professional photographer to mark the occasion; relationships with key Chicago clubs and venues. The expansive space is perfect for large parties and events as well with entertainment, bands or really anything you can image.

If you can imagine it, the team at Vertiport Chicago can step in and help you make all of these occasions, or any of life’s small or big celebrations, the story that gets told over and over again and fills the photo album of your life. Vertiport’s relationships with local vendors and businesses, along with its beautiful facility and premier helicopter fleet will help make any occasion extraordinary.

Call Vertiport today at 877-902-9292, Ext.1. to share your ideas, or brainstorm for ours, and learn how we can turn your dream vision into reality! For easy online shopping, Gift Certificates are also available online.