The New Front Row Seat for Fireworks

Chicago Fireworks Vertiport Helicopter TourFireworks. That one word most likely evokes instant childhood memories. Celebrating the Fourth of July, with family and friends meant waving a sparkler in the hot summer night air, as you ran around waiting for the magical show that would soon encompass the ebony sky. Trying not to step on anyone’s feet as those around carefully protected the small section of grass they had carved out to gaze at the sky with their own family. And finally, laying back on a blanket and watching in wonderment as the beautiful bursts of color popped high above, letting out an excited “ooh” and “ahh” as you compared your favorite combinations of colors and patterns above. The Fourth of July was magical and, at one time, the only way and day you could see these grand fireworks shows.

As time went on, though, Chicago’s surrounding suburbs sometimes varied viewing dates to July 3rd or 5th. Thus began a fun game of coordination to go with friends to watch in your own community on one date but then to get an encore the next in a nearby town, prolonging the magic an extra day or two. As you compared which town had the best and most brilliant fireworks, and where you could find the best view through trees and surrounding buildings, plans would already begin percolating for the next Fourth of July extravaganza.

Anyone who has watched Chicago’s fireworks knows that our city has spoiled us over the years with its awesome fireworks and many magnificent places to watch its breath taking display of lights and pageantry. There was a break wall just off of DuSable Harbor that used to provide a secret and unique view of the lights from the lake side for those who knew how to access it, while a hidden berm near the now spectacular Maggie Daley Park made you feel a bit closer to the fireworks above. Even in the years that the best view you could get to was out of your car’s sun roof, in the grid locked traffic on the arterial streets of the city, the fireworks shows in Chicago are nothing short of spectacular.

In recent past, Chicago’s Navy Pier has brought the excitement of fireworks to the city all summer long. With fireworks every Wednesday and Saturday night from Memorial Day through Labor Day, there are many opportunities for you to gather with friends and family to watch the show. With viewing options from outside as you stroll along the Pier, or inside perched on the stairs in Exhibition Hall near the full windows, you may feel as up close as you can get. But there is another way to view the amazing fireworks, that is even more spectacular – and that is from a helicopter tour!

Vertiport Chicago VIP Helicopter Tours offers their Chicago Fireworks Tour, all summer long, every Wednesday and Best View of FIreworks Vertiport Helicoter TourSaturday night, in sync with the Navy Pier schedule. This tour offers the best view of the city’s visually exploding fireworks from Chicago’s only Enstrom 480B Helicopter, designed for the ultimate tour experience, with windows above, below and all around! Imagine soaring above the city in this tour, with unobstructed views allowing you to catch glimpses of the fireworks from all angles in the sky. The view is unmatched! Best of all, this is a private flight for up to 4 people making it perfect for a special evening for a family, a group of friends or to entertain out of town guests. With only one tour available for each scheduled fireworks show, though, you must reserve quick! Learn more and book online or call today 877-902-9292 Ext. 1 to find out what dates are still available for the best view of the fireworks in Chicago!

Don’t miss out on this one of a kind experience and add to your memory book of fireworks shows!